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Everway was marketed as a "Visionary Roleplaying Game", first published by Wizards of the Coast under their Alter Ego brand in the mid nineties. Lead designer was Jonathan Tweet. WoC later abandoned the line, and Rubicon Games purchased it, and published some suppliment. The line was sold again to Gaslight Press in February 2001.

The game had a fantasy setting of the multiverse type, with many different worlds, some of which differed from generic fantasy. It appeared to have been heavily influenced by Tarot (featuring a "Fortune" deck of cards illustrated by Scott Kirschner and Jeff Miracola), the elements of ancient greece (Fire, Water, Earth and Air) and mythologies from around the world.

Everway was first with implementing, in a commercial game, several new concepts including much more picture-based/visual source material and character creation than usual. Like other works by Jonathan Tweet, the rules are very simple and flexible. It is also one of a few "diceless" RPGs, although the Fortune Deck works as a randomizer.

It is often characterized as an innovative piece with a limited commercial success.

The original edition contained the aforementioned "Fortune" deck of thirty-six cards, used for "divination" and action-resolution, as well as ninety "Vision" cards used as source material. The box also had three books of mostly source material and gameplaying tips.

Gaslight Press is preparing a second edition. Still no news on it.

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