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Evening bat

Evening bats (family Vespertilionidae) are the largest and best-known family of bats. They belong to the suborder Microchiroptera (microbats).There are 300 species distributed all over the world, many of them native to Europe and North America. Sometimes the family is called "common bats".

All evening bats are insect-eaters. They rely mainly on echolocation, but they lack the enlarged noses, which some microbats have in order to improve the ultrasound beam. In compensation many species have large ears. Evening bats are 3 to 13 cm long.


Five subfamilies are recognized:

The above grouping of subfamilies is the classification according to Simmons and Geisler (1998). Other authorities raise three subfamilies more: Antrozoinae (which is here the separate family of pallid bats), Tomopeatinae (now regarded as a subfamily of the Molossidae, free-tailed bats) and Nyctophilinae (here included in Vespertilioninae).