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Evaluation is a general term for the determination of the "value" of a mathematical expression, a meeting, a procedure, etc., by computation, discussion or analysis.

The reputation of a person, company, etc. is how he, she or it is valued on average, for example with regard to expertise and morality.

Prestige means good reputation or high esteem.

See also: Reputation management

In computer science evaluation is the process of determining the value of an expression.

Some programming languages such as the Lisp programming language support expressions as a first-class data type and have an explicit evaluation construct. Other languages such as the C programming language only have expressions as a programming language construct rather than a data type, and implicity evaluate expressions at compile-time or run-time.

For example in LISP the expression

(eval (quote (add 2 3)))

will yield the result 5 by calling the evaluator function eval on the expression (add 2 3).

The term also has a closely related, but more precise, mathematical meaning in model theory.

See also: lazy evaluation, eager evaluation