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European Article Numbering-Uniform Code Council

European Article Numbering-Uniform Code Council (EAN-UCC) is the international organization of product barcodes that are printed on almost everything that is sold in stores worldwide.

Uniform Code Council (UCC) is the Numbering Organisation in the USA to administer and manage the EAN·UCC system standards in the USA and Canada.

GTIN is the EAN-UCC Global Trade Item Numbering system. GTIN numbers are 14 digits long. GTIN can be constructed using four numbering structures, depending upon the exact application and the bar code symbology to be used. The Numbering Structures that can be found in the 14-digit Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) are : EAN.UCC-14, (0+EAN.UCC-13), (00+UCC-12) and (000000+EAN.UCC-8).

EAN.UCC-13 is also called UPC-A. The EAN.UCC-8 is a 8-digit code used usually for very small articles, such as bubblegum, where fitting a larger code would be problematic.

The numbering structure is composed of:

All books and serial publications sold internationally (including those in U.S. stores) have GTIN (EAN-UCC-13) codes. The book codes are constructed by prefixing the ISBN number with 978 and 979 and recalculating the trailing checksum digit, because the ISBN and EAN.UCC codes use different algorithms for this.

EAN·UCC has a standard check-digit algorithm for all GTINs.

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