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Alternate use: Esslingen, Switzerland
Esslingen is a city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, capital of the district of Esslingen. Population 91,239 (2002), geographical location 48° 45' North, 9° 19' East. It is located at the river Neckar.


;777 : First mention of Ezelinga in the last will of Abbot Fulrad from Saint-Denis (near Paris, France), the chaplain of Pippin and Charlemagne. He bequeths the church sixth cell upon the river Neckar to his monastery Saint-Denis. He also brought the bones of Saint Vitalis to Esslingen, which made it a target for pilgrimage and led to its growth. ;around 800 : Esslingen receives the market rights ;866 : The market rights are certified ;949-953 : Esslingen appears in the possession of Herzog Liutolfs von Schwaben ;1229 : Esslingen receives the city rights ;1298 : Esslingen was first mentioned as a imperial city

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