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Eric of Pomerania

Eric of Pomerania, Erik af Pommern (Danish and Norwegian title) or Erik av Pommern (Eric XIII) (Swedish title), was adopted by Margaret of Denmark and became king of Denmark (1412-1439), king regent of the Kalmar Union, in Norway (1412-1442) and in Sweden (1396-1439).

He was born in 1382 as the son of Vratislav of Pomerania and Maria of Mecklenburg, grand daughter of Waldemar Atterdag of Denmark and a descendant of Magnus I of Sweden. In 1406 he married Philippa, daughter of Henry IV of England and Mary de Bohun.

In years 1449-1459 he ruled the Duchy of Slupsk (part of Duchy of Pomerania) as Eric I. He died in 1459.

Preceded by:
Margaret I
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Succeeded by:
Christopher of Bavaria

List of Swedish monarchs Succeeded by:
Charles VIII