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Many of Michael Moorcock's heroes are aspects of one all-encompassing hero, The Eternal Champion. Ereköse is the title character, so to speak, as the novel The Eternal Champion and its sequels feature him. He is a unique aspect of the Champion, in that he can remember all of his previous lives, something that frequently causes him great distress. We first meet him as John Daker, an average 20th century man, but soon he is in another world and forced to deal with his true calling. He finds love with the woman Ermizhad, but seems to be cursed to never be with her for very long.

Ereköse starred in three Moorcock novels:

A fourth novel, The Sundered Worlds, appears in the White Wolf collection The Eternal Champion, but Ereköse does not appear there.

He also makes cameo appearances in the Elric novels The Sailor on the Seas of Fate and The Vanishing Tower, the Corum novel The King of the Swords, and the Hawkmoon novel The Quest for Tanelorn.