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Eochaid of Scotland

Eochaid of Scotland, also called Eochu or Eochaidh, was king of Scotland from 878 to 889. He ruled jointly with Giric. He was the nephew of the previous king Aed and first cousin of his successor Donald II. His father was Run, King of Strathclyde.

Eochaid was not eligible to take the throne of Scotland using the normal tanistry system, because he was descended from the daughter of the royal line. In order to become king, he joined forces with his first cousin once removed Giric to take the throne by force from his uncle, Aed. However once he had the throne, he found that he was stuck in a joint rulership over Scotland with Giric, and there is evidence to suggest that it wasn't a good relationship.

It has been suggested that Eochaid employed the services of his first cousin Donald, with whom he thought he was on better terms, to remove Giric from the throne. However, as soon as Donald did take the throne, in 889, he forced Eochaid into exile. It is not known when, or indeed where, Eochaid died.

From the little information known, it is clear that Eochaid was the first who gave freedom to the Scottish Church, which had been in bondage due to rules and regulations of the Picts.

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