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Encarta is a digital multimedia encyclopedia published by Microsoft corporation. An online version of Encarta is available free on the World Wide Web with limited content (there is a monthly subscription for accessing all content and homework tools). A full version is available for purchase on (multiple) CD-ROMs or a DVD-ROM. Many articles were originally based on those from the former Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia.

It appears in many different versions internationally that differ both in content and language. For example, the Dutch version has content from the Dutch Winkeler Prins encyclopedia. Features described below describe the current (2004) US standard version on CD-ROM/DVD.

Each article on a subject is integrated with the multimedia content. They include illustrations, audio, video, a web center, and games. There are maps that have a globe interface so it's possible to rotate and to magnify to any location down to major streets for big cities. Many articles feature related websites chosen by editors. Sidebars provide alternate views and information on a certain topic: for example, when reading about computers, it features annals since 1967 of the industry. These sidebars feature essays that were articles from journals of their respective fields. Encarta articles can be easily upated via the internet.

The Deluxe and Reference Library editions have more articles and more multimedia, such as dynamic timelines, virtual tours, literature guides, and a dictionary.

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