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Emperor Taizong of Tang China

Emperor Tang Taizong of China (598 - May 26, 649), born Li Shimin (李世民), was the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China from 627 to 649. He helped his father, Li Yuan started the uprising that established the Tang Empire. However, many now consider Taizong the true founder of Tang. Taizong conquered several neighbouring tribes, which call him Heavenly Khan (天可汗). Under his reign, the famous rule of Guanzhen (貞觀之治) took place (his era name was Guanzhen). His posthumous name was Wenhu-dasheng-daguang Xiao Huangdi (文武大聖大廣孝皇帝 "Filial Emperor who is Civil and Martial, Greatly Holy, and Greatly Expansive").

Taizong was born in Wugong (武功, today in Shaanxi) to Li Yuan and Dou-shi (竇氏), and was one-quater Xianbei (by his grandmother). After the establishment of Tang, he was appointed the King of Qin (秦王) by his father. The original crown prince was his elder brother Li Jiancheng (李建成). However, he killed Jiancheng and his forth youngest brother, Li Yuanji, Prince Qi (齊王李元吉) on June 4, 626 in Xuanwu Gate Rebellion (玄武門之變). Two days later, he was made the new crown prince. Two months later, he became the emperor.

He died in Hangfeng Hall of Cuihui Palace (翠微宮含風殿) and was married in August in Zhao Mausoleum (昭陵, in today Quandong, Shaanxi).

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He was married to: He has fourteen sons (in order):
  1. Crown Prince Li Chengqian: son of Wende Empress
  2. Prince Chu, Li Kuan (楚王寬): son of one from the harem  
  3. Prince Wu, Li Ke (吳王恪): son of Consort Yang I
  4. Prince Bu, Li Tai: son of Wende Empress
  5. Commonor, Li Yu (庶人祐): son of Consort Ying
  6. Prince Shu, Li Yin (蜀王愔): son of Consort Yang I
  7. Prince Jiǎng, Li Yun (蔣王惲): son of Wang-shi
  8. Prince Yue, Li Zhen (越王貞): son of Consort Yan
  9. Emperor Gaozong of Tang China: son of Wende Empress
  10. Prince Ji, Li Shen (紀王慎): son of Secondary Consort Wei
  11. Prince Jiāng, Li Xiao (江王囂): son of Consort Yan
  12. Prince Dai, Li Jian (代王簡): son of one from the harem
  13. Prince Zhao, Li Fu (趙王福): son of Consort Yang II
  14. Prince Cao, Li Ming (曹王明): son of Consort Yang-shi

He has twenty-one daughters (not in order):


He was the subject of 64-chapter (in eight volumes) The Novel of the Great Tang King of Qin (大唐秦王詞話 Datang Qin Wang Cihua) by Zhu Shenglin (諸聖鄰) of the
Ming Dynasty. The novel is also known as The Biography of the Tang King of Qin (唐秦王本傳 Tang Qin Wang Benzhuan), Romance of Tang (唐傳演義 Tang Chuan Yiyan), and Romance of the Tang King (秦王演義 Tang Wang Yanyi).

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