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In the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, Elros, Tar-Minyatur, was one of the Half-elven of Middle-earth, who chose to become human and was later High King of the Númenóreans.

He was born on year 525 of the First Age to Eärendil and Elwing. His brother Elrond later became an Elven-King. He was one of the ancient Peredhil. After the fall of Gil-galad, his reign of Elven rule collapsed. Thereafter the lineage of High-Elven Kings were only continued by the lesser Elves of Middle-earth.

Elrond, Elros and the other children of the High Elves, were appointed a choice whether to be of Elven descent or of Man-kind. Elrond chose to be with his Elven brethren and have the grace and benefits of the Valar. Whilst his brother Elros chose to be with Man-kind and remain with the Edain, yet he still reaped some of the Elven benefits such as great lifespans, seeing as how he was of High-Elven descent. As a reward for the sufferings of the Edain against the dark forces of Morgoth, the Guardians of the World--the Valar--had given them a land to dwell in, removed from the dangers of Middle-earth. Elros and his people, the Edain, set sail over Sea, and guided by the Star of Eärendil came to the great Isle of Elenna, westernmost of all Mortal lands. There they founded the realm of Numenor.

There was a tall mountain in the midst of Elenna, the Meneltarma, and from its summit the farsighted could descry the white tower of the Haven of the Eldar in Eressëa. Thence the Eldar came to the Edain and enriched them with knowledge and many gifts; but one command had been laid upon the Numenoreans, the Ban of the Valar: they were forbidden to sail west out of sight of their own shores or to attempt to set foot on the Undying Lands. For though a long span of life had been granted to them, in the beginning thrice that of lesser Men, they must remain mortal,since the Valar were not permitted to take from them the Gift of Men (or the Doom of Men, as it was afterwards called.)

On year 32 of the Second Age, Elros became the first King of Numenor, under the High-Elven name of Tar-Minyatur ("First King"). He ruled until the year 442 of the Second Age when he died after 500 years of life and 410 years of reign.

Elros had four children:

Through them Elros was the ancestor of all succeeding King and Queens of Numenor and other members of Numenorian nobility. His descendants were long-lived but mortal. Later when they became powerful they begrudged the choice of their forefather, desiring the immortality within the life of the world that was the fate of the Eldar, and murmuring against the Ban. In this way began their rebellion which, under the evil teaching of Sauron, brought about the Downfall of Numenor and the ruin of the ancient world, as is told in the Akabellêth.

List of rulers of Númenor Succeeded by:
Vardamir Nólimon