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Electro (occasionally referred to as electro funk) is an electronic style of hip hop especially influenced by Kraftwerk and funk records (unlike earlier rap records that were closer to disco, musically speaking). Afrika Bambaataa's Planet Rock (1982) is generally considered the first electro record, it mixed Kraftwerk and Captain Sky, or was at least influenced by the latter. Electro also flourished on the west coast, where Egyptian Lover and Arabian Prince gave birth to Bass music (also known as Miami bass) as well as influencing House music, Techno, Ghettotech and other electronic styles of dance music.

Electro is the name of a fictional supervillain in the Spider-Man comic book. He is extremely powerful, but like the Rhino, is usually outwitted by the wall-crawler, so despite his great power, Electro is not the most threatening villain.

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