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Eleanor of Provence

Eleanor of Provence (died 1291) was queen consort of King Henry III of England.

Born in Aix-en-Provence, she was the daughter of Raimund Berengar V, Count of Provence (1198-1245) and Beatrice de Savoie (1206-1266). Her sister Marguerite (1221-1295) married Louis IX of France and became Queen of France.

When she was 13 or 19 years old, Eleanor was married to King Henry III of England (1207-1272) in January 1236. The couple had nine children, four of whom survived:

Edward I (1239 - 1307)
Margaret (born 19.9. 1240)
Beatrice (born 25.6. 1242)
Edmund (born 14.3. 1245)

Richard, John, Henry, William and Catherine died young. In 1272 Eleanor's husband died and her son Edward, 33 years old, became King Edward I of England.

Eleanor died in Amesbury.