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Elbert Dubenion

Elbert Dubenion (sometimes called "Duby" or "Golden Wheels") was a football player, born in 1933. He played college ball for Bluffton College in northwest Ohio.

Dubenion had tremendous speed, great hands and excellent running skills. As a rookie for the Buffalo Bills in 1960, he had 7 touchdowns and 752 receiving yards on 42 catches, a 17.9 yds/catch average. He ran 16 times for 94 yards and a TD, a 5.6 yds/ carry average. In 1961, facing tighter and deeper coverages, he upped his production as a runner, rushing for 173 yards and a touchdown on just 17 carries, a 10.3 yds/carry average. He had 31 catches for 461 yards and 6 TDs. In 1964, Duby had one of the most sensational seasons of any receiver in pro football history, 10 touchdowns and 27.1 yards per catch on 42 receptions for 1,139 yards, (14 game season). In 9 seasons, he totalled 296 receptions for 5,424 yards and 36 TDs for a career average of 18.3 yds/catch. He rushed for 360 yards and 3 TDs on 48 carries, a career average of 7 yds/carry. Dubenion ranks seventh all-time in the AFL in receptions and reception yardage. He holds the record for the longest reception in AFL playoff history, a 93-yd reception for a TD from Hall of Fame quarterback Daryle Lamonica against the Boston Patriots in 1963. Dubenion is a member of the American Football League Hall of Fame.


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