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Einhard (born around 770, died March 14, 840, at Seligenstadt, Germany).

Einhard, a Frank, was a dedicated servant of Charlemagne. At the request of his successor Louis the Pious, Einhard wrote a biography of Charlemagne, the Vita Caroli Magni or "Life of Charlemagne" (c. 817-830), which provides much direct information about Charlemagne's life and character. Einhard's literary model was Suetonius' great "Lives of the Caesars."

Einhard was from the eastern part of the Frankish kingdom, the portion that is still German speaking. He was educated at Fulda and then at the court of Charlemagne. He evidently was a talented builder and construction manager, because Charlemagne put him in charge of the completion of several palace complexes including Aachen and Ingelheim.

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