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Eibergen (population: 16,718) is a town in the eastern Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland. The municipality covers an area of 117.64 km² (of which 0.58 km² water).

The municipality of Eibergen also includes the following towns, villages and townships: Avest, Beltrum, Holterhoek, Hupsel, Lintvelde, Loo, Mallem, Olden Eibergen, Rekken, Zwolle. The area in which Eibergen is situated, is called Achterhoek; the administrative cooperation of about 20 municipalities in this region, is called Regio Achterhoek. The East boundary of Eibergen is the Dutch-German border, Eibergen counted two official border crossing points on main roads and a small number of border crossing point for limited use on secundary roads. Since border crossing traffic became free and checks are only made inward at a certain distance from the actual border, the border has been 'perforated' by numerous (mostly bicycle) roads. Because of this border past, a local annual indoor soccer tournament of Eibergen's police has grown to the world's largest sportive event of its kind: the World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament is being held in October every year: more than 1.000 police officers from over 30 countries participate.

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