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Early childhood education

Early childhood education covers the education of a child from the period from birth to nine years of age.

Table of contents
1 Characteristics of a Successful Teacher
2 Job Opportunities in Early Childhood
3 Job Possibilities
4 Child Care Centers
5 Education

Characteristics of a Successful Teacher

Job Opportunities in Early Childhood

There are more job opportunities in early childhood. Early childhood programs occur in a variety of settings. Schools, apartment buildings, homes, centers, businesses, parks, and houses of worship are examples. As a result, early childhood specialists may find themselves choosing from a number of job alternatives. Nannies, au pairs, kindergarten teachers, child care teachers and directors, and licensing specialists will be needed. You may find additional possibilities in business settings.

Job Possibilities

There is so much more.

Child Care Centers

Facilities that offer full-day children's programs are often called child care centers. The focus of most of these centers is to provide care and education. the care is designed to meet the child's basic nutrition, health, and safety needs. The curriculum emphasizes the whole child including his or her social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs. Most child care centers open early in the morning and remain open until six or seven o'clock in the evening. Some centers provide care for children 24 hours per day.


The curriculum in a Head Start program is designed to meet the needs of each child. One goal is to build self-esteem that will lead to future success in school. Staff encourage self-confidence, curiosity, and self-discipline. A variety of learning experiences are designed to meet the children's needs in all four areas of development. Staff and the child's entire family work as a team to plan curriculum and teach childre. Parent involvment is the heart of the program. On preschool achievement tests,