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Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable by a Scout in several national Scouting organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP). The term Eagle Scout is used to refer to a Scout who has achieved this honor.

Eagle Scout rank in the BSA

The rank is awarded upon completion of a community service project designed and directed by the Scout, the acquisition of a certain number of merit badges, (21 as of 2003, 12 specified from specific sets of lists from various categories, with flexibility to accommmodate boys with physical disabilities, and 9 elective), and service in a leadership position in the Scout's Troop. The highly respected rank is considered to be a significant honor, and is looked upon as an achievement even much later in life. In the BSA, only two or three percent of Scouts who join ever attain it. The Eagle Scout court of honor is a special ceremony in honor of a new Eagle Scout.

In the BSA, after achieving the rank of Eagle, a scout may also earn Eagle palms. Eagle palms are awarded for earning a certain number of merit badges over and above those required for the rank of Eagle, and for continuing to serve actively in the troop for a specified period of time.

Eagle Scout rank in the BSP

In the Boy Scouts of the Philippines a Scout must earn a total of 21 merit badges consisting of 15 specified and 2 specialist rating (a specialist rating involves 3 merit badges and a community project). After achieving the rank of Eagle, a Scout may earn an Anahaw award for earning 2 additional specialist rating.

The BSP highest rank went into a number of name and requirement changes through the years.

As of 2003 there are about 123,000 Scouts in the Philippines who have attained this highest rank since 1936.

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