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E-6 Mercury

The Boeing E-6 Mercury is a US military aircraft. It operates as an airborne command post and communications centre, relaying instructions from the National Command Authority. Its role in relaying to the fleet ballistic missile submarines gives it the suffix TACAMO ("Take Charge and Move Out").

E-6 Mercury.

The E-6 is found in two variants both built from a basic Boeing 707-320C. The E-6A was designed to replace the EC-130 and was accepted by the US Navy in August 1989, sixteen were delivered up to 1992. The E-6B was a modified E-6A with additional equipment and positions to replace the EC-135. The E-6B includes an airborne launch control system, allowing it to fire the US ICBM arsenal. The first E-6B was accepted in December 1997 and the entire E-6 fleet is in the process of being modified to the E-6B standard.