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Dwarf elliptical galaxy

Dwarf elliptical are very small elliptical galaxies, classified as dE. They are are quite common, and usually are companions to other galaxies. There are Two Dwarf ellipticals in orbit around the Andromeda galaxy

These are are expamples of Dwarf ellipticals: NGC 147 (DDO 3) - type dE5 pec in Cassiopeia GR 8 (DDO 155) - type Im V SagDIG (Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy) - type IB(s)m V in Sagittarius Barnards Galaxy (NGC 6822) - type IB(s)m IV-V in Sagittarius Aquarius Dwarf (DDO 210) - type Im V in Aquarius IC 5152 - type IAB(s)m IV in Indus Pegasus Dwarf (DDO 216) - type Irr in Pegasus

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