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There are two rivers that share this name: Western Dvina and Northern Dvina.

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1 Western Dvina
2 Northern Dvina

Western Dvina

The (Western) Dvina (Russian: Zapadnaja Dzvina, Belarusan: Dzvina, Latvian: Daugava, German Düna) is a river rising in the Valdai Hills flowing through Russia and Belarus, to drain into the Gulf of Riga, an arm of the Baltic Sea at Riga, Latvia. The total length of the river is 1,020 km (633.7 mi.).

It is connected by canal with the Berezina and Dnepr rivers.

Cities by Western Dvina/Daugava

Main tributaries of Western Dvina/Daugava

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Northern Dvina

The Northern Dvina is a river in Nortnern Russia flowing into the Dvina Bay of the White Sea. The length is 462 miles. It is navigable all along and is heavily used for timber floating.

Cities by Northern Dvina

Main tributaries of Northern Dvina

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Northern Dvina