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The DVD-Forum is an organization, that manages standards of DVD disks.

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The DVD Forum is an international association of hardware manufacturers, software firms and other users of Digital Versatile Discs.

The Forum was created for the purpose of exchanging and disseminating ideas and information about the DVD Format and its technical capabilities, improvements and innovations.

The Forum works to promote broad acceptance of DVD products on a worldwide basis, across entertainment, consumer electronics and IT industries.

Membership is open to any corporation or organization which is engaged in activities related to DVD research, development and/or manufacturing, or any software firm or other users of DVD products that are interested in developing and improving the DVD Format.

Forum Members are not required to support the DVD Format to the exclusion of other formats.

The DVD Forum was founded in 1995 under the original name DVD Consortium. Ten companies (see below for listing) founded the organization.

Founding members

Today, our membership includes more than 230 companies.

The Steering Committee serves as the executive body of the Forum.

What does the Forum do?


DVD Forum Secretariat
Shiba Shimizu Bldg. 5F
2-3-11, Shibadaimon,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012, Japan
TEL: +81 3/5777-2881
FAX: +81 3/5777-2882


votes to make the Advanced Optical Disk the HDTV successor of the DVD.

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