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Dunstable is a town in the county of Bedfordshire. It lies on the ancient Roman road of Watling Street, which is the modern A5 trunk road. In Roman times its name was Dvrocobrivis. Dunstable was the site of an Eleanor cross. Geographically Dunstable lies on the eastward tail spurs of the Chiltern Hills, these spurs form several steep chalk escarpments most noticeable when approaching Dunstable from the north.

Historically Dunstable was a significant market town, but its importance has diminished as the neighbouring town of Luton grew. Nowadays much of the work in Dunstable is light engineering providing automobile parts for the Vauxhall plant in Luton, but with the closure of this plant Dunstable is following Luton into decline.

Places of interest in and around Dunstable include: