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Duane Gish

Duane Gish is a biochemist who is best known as a vice president of the Institute for Creation Research. Gish has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and is the author of several books and articles espousing the tenets of creation science, a religious movement that seeks to challenge the scientific validity of the theory of evolution in favor of the Biblical story of creation found in the Book of Genesis.

In his efforts to promote the tenets of creation science, Gish frequently debates other prominent and well-known scientists, and Gish has been severely criticized for the debating tactics that he allegedly employs. Specifically, Gish's critics claim that Gish has made frequent errors, omissions, and misquotes during various debates with other prominent scientists, been corrected during those debates, and gone on to make the same errors, omissions, and misquotes in later debates. Consequently, Gish has been denounced by his critics as being either intentionally dishonest, or simply deluded by his religious convictions.

In responding to one of his critics, Dr. Gish stated, "The subject of origins, especially when cast in the context of an evolutionary versus a supernatural origin, is very contentious and obviously encourages an all out effort to destroy the opposition by whatever means available. We creation scientists nevertheless are shocked by the vicious unprincipled attack against our integrity and science. . . . I never attempt to challenge the integrity or good character of my opponents. But when subjected to this sort of abuse I do point out to the audience that to resort to such tactics is an admission that my opponent's position is weak."

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