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Dragonair (港龍航空有限公司 Pinyin: Gǎnglóng) is a major airline based in Hong Kong. It is associated to Cathay Pacific.


Dragonair started flying in July of 1985, with a Boeing 737, in a flight from Kai Tak International Airport to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. At the time, Dragonair was only a small new player in the Asian skies, and the airline's name was Hong Kong Dragon Airlines. In 1986, the airline officially changed its name to Dragonair (although its Chinese name remained the same). In 1987, the airline began charter flights to mainland China. This was also the year that Dragonair became the first Hong Kong-based airline to join the IATA. The airline kept a slow but steady growth throught the 1990s, decade in which it became associated with Cathay Pacific. In 1993, Airbus A320's joined the fleet, followed by Airbus A330s in 1995. In 1998, Dragonair became the last airline to have a plane landing at Kai Tak International Airport. Nowadays, Dragonair flies to 29 destinations.


Dragonair's planes are basically all white, with a red dragon on the tail, and the name Dragonair written in English dark lettering under the front passenger windows, and in Chinese red lettering over the front passenger windows also.


Dragonair currently operates Airbus A320, A321 and A330 jets.


29 cities around China, the rest of Asia, the Middle East (cargo flights only), and Europe (also cargo flights only).

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