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Dragon 64

The Dragon 64 and the Dragon 32 were home computers built in the 1980s around the Motorola 6809 processor running at 0,894 Mhz. Accessing a certain 16 bit hardware address let the processor double its clockspeed. Unfortunately that somewhat compromised the stability of the system. The Dragon-Computers were clones of the TRS-80 Color Computer, produced for the European market and manufactured in Wales (Great Britain). The main differences between the two models were RAM size and colour. The Dragon 32 had 32kB of RAM and was beige, the Dragon 64 had 64kB of RAM and was grey.

Several peripherals existed for it helped with add ons such as the Dragons Claw which gave the Dragon access to the BBC Micro's large range of accessories. Apart from its built-in DragonDOS operating system it was capable of running several others including FLEX and OS 9 which brought unix-a-like multitasking to the Dragon.