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1 drachma 1988

Drachma, pl. drachmae. The name of this unit of Greek money is derived from the verb "to grasp."

1. Modern Greek currency, replaced by the Euro.

2. Ancient currency unit found in many Greek city states and successor states.

The 5th century BC Athenian tetradrachm (4 drachma) coin was the most widely used coin in the Greek world prior to Alexander the Great. It featured the helmeted profile bust of Athena on the obverse (front) and an owl on the reverse (back). The reverse is featured on the national side of the Greek 1 euro coin, see Greek euro coins.

6 obols = 1 drachma
100 drachmae = 1 mina
6000 drachmae = 1 talent (Athenian standard)

see also: Denarius