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Dowism can be both a misspelling (sometimes intentional) and a humorous term. It is also used to represent the pronunciation of the chinese philosophy Taoism, or, in the more modern pinyin spelling Daoism

Used as a derivative of Dow Jones, the term was applied by columnist and radio personality Steve Bhaerman under the pseudonym Swami Beyondananda in his Marxist analysis of the stock market, Duck Soup for the Soul (ISBN 1887166289): He "moved to New York to study Dowism with the noted stock market guru Yuan Tibet".

In his on-line sermons, H. Stephen Shoemaker of the Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina uses the term to represent the "Market as God" in an age of consumerism.

There does not appear to be any serious use of the term in any serious economics or business context with possible exception of Dow Theory which is one of the oldest-established attempts to describe how the US stock market moves through time.