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Sergey Dovlatov, Russian short-story writer

Dovlatov was born in 1941 in Ufa, Russia where had been evacuated his family. Since 1945 he lived in Leningrad. Dovlatov studied at philological faculty of Leningrad State University, Served in army as convoy . Later he earned his living as a journalist, worked as a correspondent of the Tallinn newspaper the Soviet Estonia , was a tourist guide in Pushkin museum near Pskov. Dovlatov wrote prose, but his numerous attempts to be printed in the Soviet magazines were in vain . The set of his first book has been destroyed under the order of KGB. In 1976 some stories of Dovlatov had been published in the West in magazines " Continent ", Time and we , for that he had been excluded from the Union of journalists of the USSR

In 1978 Dovlatov emigrated from Soviet Union, came with his family to New York where he later coedited the New American , russian language liberal emigrant newspaper. In the middle of 80th years Dovlatov achieved the big reader's success, He was printed in prestigious magazine " the New Yorker ". Dovlatov died in 1990 in New York and was buried in [Venice] as he wished

Sergey Dovlatov issued twelve books in the USA and Europe during his twelve years of a life in emigration. In Soviet Union and Russia the writer was known from Samizdat and radio Liberty. Now numerous collections of his short stories are published in Russia.

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