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Doug Flutie

Doug Flutie (born October 23, 1962) is an American football and a former Canadian football (CFL) quarterback. He is the older brother of the CFL's all-time reception leader Darren Flutie. He has an autistic son, Doug Flutie Jr. in whose name a foundation has been established.

College career

Flutie first gained notice in a back-and-forth game in 1984 against the University of Miami under quarterback Bernie Kosar. Miami had just staged a dramatic drive to take the lead, 45-41, in the closing minute of the game. Boston College had possession at their 20-yard line with 28 seconds to go. After two plays, only six seconds remained on the clock. In the last play of the game, Flutie threw a "Hail Mary" pass caught in the end zone by Gerald Phelan, giving Boston College the win. As a result Flutie won the Heisman Trophy with Boston College.

Professional career

Doug Flutie started his professional career in the United States Football League (USFL) with the New Jersey Generals. After the USFL folded, Flutie signed with the NFL's Chicago Bears. He later went to the New England Patriots.

Although his Canadian football career lasted only eight years, Doug Flutie is perhaps the greatest quarterback ever to play Canadian football. In 1990 Flutie signed with the British Columbia Lions for a two-year contract reportedly worth $350,000 a season. At the time he was the highest paid CFL player in the league (although it was lower than the salary earned by the Montreal Alouettes' quarterback Vince Ferragamo in 1981). In his first season Flutie struggled at the Canadian game and his offensive line gave him little help. The following year, however, Flutie shone and was remarded in free agency one year later with a reported million dollar a year salary with the Calgary Stampeders. At this point in time Flutie's salary was overshadowed by another big name Raghib Ismail of the Toronto Argonauts, who had the highest yearly salary in gridiron football in history at the time.

Flutie as a Calgary Stampeder won his first Grey Cup in 1992. He would go on to win two more Grey Cups with the Toronto Argonauts before signing with the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League.

Flutie is currently the backup quarterback of the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League.

Flutie's success in the National Football League coupled with the revoking of the "marquee player" exemption in the Canadian Football League's salary cap, which allowed one player to be exempt from counting against the CFL's salary cap on each team, resulted in a string of star quarterbacks leaving the CFL and going to the NFL, such as Jeff Garcia and Dave Dickenson, as well as some players who showed some future potential such as Henry Burris.

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