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Dornbirn is a city in the state of Vorarlberg in Austria, with roughly 44,000 inhabitants. It is famous as shopping city and as a commercial hub, in the town itself as well as in the shopping center in the outskirts of the town. Dornbirn is the largest and busiest city of Vorarlberg, that's why the provincial ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Institution) Center, the Fachhochschule (Technical Academy), the Higher Technical Vocational College (HTL) and many large companies are situated here. The Dornbirnerach flows through it. It is close to Switzerland and the Rhine.

Dornbirn is also the name of the shire, which also includes Hohenems, Lustenau.

It is situated along the A14 and B204.

It used to be a major centre of the Textiles Industry.

It lies roughly 10 km south of the provinical capital Bregenz.