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DOOM competition

DOOM competition: Ever since the first release of DOOM, players competed to compare their DOOM playing skills; this was greatly aided by the game's ability to record demo files during play that could then be played back by every other player with the same game version.

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DOOM honorific titles

Eventually, a number of DOOM honorific titles were proposed that everyone could apply for and would then be asked to justify his application by recording and submitting a demo to show that he was able to accomplish a certain feat. The following titles were issued:


The honorific titles were not the only recognition of outstanding players, though; although the process was less formalized, a player could also achieve fame by making available demos showing them performing other interesting or difficult tasks, ideally in as little time as possible. These demos became known as speedruns; typical tasks include just finishing levels as quickly as possible (usually on Ultraviolence or Nightmare! difficulty), scoring 100% kills and secrets on a level before finishing it, or doing "Tyson" runs in which only the fist and pistol (and, under some rules, the chainsaw) are allowed as weapons. A collection of demos is being maintained at the COMPET-N database; also see the External Links section for other sites.

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