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A doll is a model of a human (often a baby), usually made of cloth or plastic. Sometimes, intended as keepsakes or collections for older children and adults, it could be made in wood, porcelain, bisque, celluloid or wax. Some dolls are intended as toys for children, usually girls, to play with. Others are for decoration or have some cultural significance, possibly for use in some ceremony or ritual.

The model is usually a miniature, but a baby doll may be of true size. A large model of hard material is called a statue.

A doll or animal model of soft material is also called cuddly toy.

Dolls are distinguished from action figures, which are usually plastic, are often poseable to some extent, and exist largely for the purpose of marketing some television show or film.

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1 Events related to dolls
2 Famous types of doll
3 Other uses of the word "doll"

Events related to dolls


Famous types of doll

Toy Dolls

Other Dolls Materials dolls are made of

Other uses of the word "doll"

"Doll" is sometimes used as a term of affection (or derision), usually for a young woman or girl. It was a fairly common slang term for a young woman in the 1940s, as exemplified in the Frank Loesser musical Guys and Dolls, and in the song Living Doll, see Cliff Richard and The Young Ones.