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Doctor V64

The Doctor V64 is a backup/development device, made by Bung Enterprises Ltd, that is used in conjunction with the Nintendo 64.

The Doctor V64 came out in 1996 and soon dominated the market by the end of the year, facing virtually no competition. Many third party developers used the V64 in leiu of the PC64 Development Kit sold by Nintendo because of its much lower cost. Recently, individuals have been using the V64 for video game piracy.

Bung was at one time contempelating releasing a Doctor V2, but instead decided to release the Doctor Jr. in December 1998. This was basically a more cost-efficient condensed version of the original V64.

The Doctor V64 is not at all user friendly. It was mainly designed for game desginers even though you can back up cartridges with it. The setup procedure is moderately harrowing and the user interface is very plain: text with no graphics. The operating system for the V64 is stored in the BIOS chip.

The following is the operation window:

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CD-ROM access speed: 8x or 32x RAM: 128mb or 256 mb