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The Djun-Djun or Djum-Djum (pronounced dununs or dundun) is a cylindrical, double-headed bass drum carved from solid Dembu log and using with cow skin membranes. The Djun-djun is found throughout South America and West Africa. Djun-djun are worn over the shoulder and played with two sticks: one for the bass tones and the other for a bell tied to the side of the drum. Often the player also has a whistle with which to blow calls and breaks to dancers.

The Djun-djun has roots going back to the Mali Empire. This region of West Africa includes all or portions the present day countries of Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.

The three djun-djuns, from smallest to largest are named: Kenkeni, Sangban, and Dunumba.