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Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention is an album by the band Slayer, released September 27, 1994 through American Recordings. This was the first album Slayer recorded with drummer Paul Bostaph. The album reached No. 8 in the Billboard Top 200.

The band courted controversy by featuring a picture of a fan's wrists, into which he had carved the Slayer logo. The CD inlay features a collage which includes newspaper clippings of cases where music had been blamed for violence or murder.

Track listing

  1. "Killing Fields" (King, Araya)
  2. "Sex, Murder, Art" (Araya, King)
  3. "Fictional Reality" (King)
  4. "Dittohead" (King)
  5. "Divine Intervention" (Haneman, King, Bostaph, Araya)
  6. "Circle of Beliefs" (King)
  7. "SS-3" (Hanneman, King)
  8. "Serenity In Murder" (Hanneman, King, Araya)
  9. "213" (Hanneman, Araya)
  10. "Mind Control" (Hanneman, King, Araya)