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District of KorÁŽ

The District of KorÁŽ (Albanian: Rrethi i KorÁŽs), in Albania, has an area of 2180 km2. It is the second-largest district in Albania in area. It lies in the southeastern part of Albania in the Prefecture of KorÁŽ, from lat. 40°27'N to lat. 40°57'N and from long. 21°4'E to 20°19'E. It is bordered by Pogradec and the Republic of Macedonia to the north, by Greece to the east, by KolonjŽ and PŽrmet to the southwest, and by Gramsh and Skrapar on the west.

Data for district of KorÁŽ:

Area: 2180 km2
Total population: 193,992 inhabitants; 50,786 families
city of KorÁŽ: 74,370 inhabitants; 23,082 families
city of Maliq: 5361 inhabitants; 1388 families
Smaller districts: 15
Villages: 151