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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Suborder Archidiptera
Infraorder Nymphomyiomorpha
Infraorder Dictyodipteromorpha extinct
 Superfamily Dictyodipteridea
   Dictyodipteridae - (Upper Triassic)
 Superfamily Hyperpolyneuridea
   Hyperpolyneuridae - (Upper Triassic)
 Superfamily Dyspolyneuridea
   Dyspolyneuridae - (Upper Triassic)
Infraorder Diplopolyneuromorpha extinct
   Diplopolyneuridae - (Upper Triassic)
Suborder Eudiptera
Infraorder Deuterophlebiomorpha
Infraorder Blephariceromorpha
Infraorder Tipulomorpha
  Superfamily Eopolyneuridea extinct
   Eopolyneuridae - (Upper Triassic)
   Musidoromimidae - (Upper Triassic)
  Superfamily Tipulodictyidea extinct
   Tipulodictyidae - (Upper Triassic)
  Superfamily Tanyderophryneidea extinct
   Tanyderophryneidae - (Middle Jurassic)

  Superfamily Tipulidea
   Architipulidae extinct (Upper Triassic)
   ...(Pan Jurassic)
   Eolimnobiidae extinct (Lower Jurassic)
   Tipulidae - Crane flies
  Superfamily Eoptychopteridea extinct
   Eoptychopteridae - (Lower Jurassic)
  Superfamily Psychodidea
Infraorder Culicomorpha¤
   Asiochaoboridae extinct (Upper Jurassic)¤
   Culicidae - Mosquitos¤
   Architendipedidae extinct (Upper Triassic)¤
   Protendipedidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)¤
   Simuliidae - Black flies¤¤
   Mesophantasmatidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)¤

Infraorder Bibionomorpha
   Eopleciidae extinct (Lower Jurassic)¤
   Oligophryneidae extinct (Upper Triassic)¤
   Paraxymyiidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)¤
   Protobibionidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)¤
   Protopleciidae extinct (Pan Jurassic)¤
   Protorhyphidae extinct (Upper Triassic)
  Superfamily Pleciodictyidea extinct
   Pleciodictyidae - (Upper Triassic)
  Superfamily Protoligoneuridea extinct
   Protoligoneuridae - (Upper Triassic)

  Superfamily Fungivoridea
   Pleciofungivoridae extinct (Upper Triassic)
   ...(Lower and Middle Jurassic)
   Palaeopleciidae extinct (Upper Triassic)
   Pleciomimidae extinct
   ... (Lower and Middle Jurassic)
   Archizelmiridae extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Fungivoritidae extinct
   ...(Middle and Upper Jurassic)
   Tipulopleciidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Sinemediidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)

  Superfamily Cecidomyiidea

  Superfamily Scatopsidea
   Protoscatopsidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)

Suborder Brachycera¤¤
Infraorder Orthorrhapha
  Superfamily Tabanomorpha
   Eostratiomyiidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Alinkidae extinct (Triassic)
   Vermileonidae - worm lions
  Superfamily Nemestrinioidea
  Superfamily Xylophagomorpha
   Eomyiidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)
  Superfamily Stratiomyomorpha
   Archisargidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)
  Superfamily Asiloidea
   Protomphralidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Eremochaetidae extinct (Cretaceous, Jurassic)
  Superfamily Empidoidea
   Rhagionempididae extinct (Middle Jurassic)
   Protempididae extinct (Upper Jurassic)
Infraorder Cyclorrhapha
 Section Aschiza
  Superfamily Platypezidea
  Superfamily Syrphidea
 Section Schizophora
 Sub-section Acalyptratae
  Superfamily Conopoidea
  Superfamily Tephritoidea
  Superfamily Nerioidea
  Superfamily Diopsoidea
  Superfamily Sciomyzoidea
  Superfamily Sphaeroceroidea
  Superfamily Lauxanioidea
  Superfamily Opomyzoidea
  Superfamily Ephydroidea
  Superfamily Carnoidea
 Sub-section Calyptratae
  Superfamily Muscoidea
   Anthomyiidae - cabbage fly
   Muscidae - house fly
   Scathophagidae - dung fly
  Superfamily Oestridea
  Superfamily Hippoboscoidea

Family incertae sedis
Calyptratae incertae sedis
   Eophlebombyiidae extinct (Eocene)
Brachycera incertae sedis
   Palaeophoridae extinct (Middle Jurassic)

Diptera are insects in which the hind wings are reduced to halteres.

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2 Subdivision
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Synonyms and common names

Flies, mosquitoes. In compound names containing "fly" for members of this order, the name is written as two words as in "crane fly". For insects that are members of other orders the name is written as a single word as in "butterfly".


There are two generally accepted sub-orders of diptera. The Nematocera are usually recognized by their elongated bodies and feathery antennae as represented by mosquitoes and crane flies. The Brachycera tend to have a more roundly proportioned body and very short antennae.

Beyond that considerable revision in the taxonomy of the flies has taken place since the introduction of modern cladistic techniques, and much remains uncertain. The secondary ranks between the sub-orders and the families are more out of practical considerations than out of any strict respect for phylogenetic classifications. (Modern cladists tend to spurn the use of any rank names.) Several of the classifications used now in this article remain paraphyletic groupings; this is particularly notable in the Orthorrapha.

When the taxobox was set up it was based on Rohdendorf's The Historical Development of Diptera because it happened to be convenient. Rohdendorf's approach was especially influenced by paleontological considerations, and this does not appear to be entirely suitable for dealing with living species. The current revision is based primarily on material on The Diptera Site, The Tree of Life Project and the Bishop Museum Catalog, with help from other sites when treatment by these sites were inconsistent or in conflict. As of 2003-08-14 that revision has been done for the Brachycera, and is being planned for the Nematocera whose presentation remains based on Rohdendorf. The symbol ¤ in the taxobox is transitional to indicate what part of the work has been completed.

Family names

The list below was originally created before the taxobox; families in the list below marked with a plus sign are extinct. Reconciliation of the names in it has progressed in conjunction with the revision of the taxobox. What remains after the revision is essentially a list of synonyms.


Cyclorrhapha - Acalyptratae

Cyclorrhapha - Calyptratae

Cyclorrhapha - Aschiza

Higher level invalid names


As of 2003-08-14