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Dimitri II of Russia

Dmitri II of Russia (ruled 1605-1606) was one of a series of pretenders who lead rebellions by claiming to be Dmitri, the son of Ivan the Terrible, who had died as a toddler under mysterious circumstances. Dmitri had the support of the Poles as well as the southern Cossacks. This army succeeded in overthrowing Feodor II, the son of Boris Godunov, and having him killed. Dmitri did not last long as a Czar, however, because of his violation of traditional Russian patterns of behaviour. Specifically, he was tolerant to other religious and didn't punish rebellion in bloody way. He was killed by the Russian nobles and Vasili Shusky was put in his place as Czar.

Preceded by:
Feodor II
List of Russian Tsars Succeeded by:
Vasili IV