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Diablo is a point and click action role-playing game from Blizzard Entertainment released in 1997. In it, players fight against evil demons attempting to conquer the world. The central goal in Diablo, and the follow-on Diablo II, is the destruction of a mystical soulstone that contains the soul of the demon Diablo. Each edition of the game extends the gameplay through additions such as new character classes, monsters, and items. The latest installment, the expansion pack for Diablo II, Diablo II Lord of Destruction has a huge online gaming community, complete with a primitive economy. Diablo in many ways resembles roguelike games, the main differences being the vastly better graphics and the fact the game is in real time, rather than being turn based.


The three character classes of Diablo are the warrior, the rogue, and the sorcerer. Each character, following typical roleplaying conventions, has his or her own particular traits. The warrior possesses physical strength, the rogue is very dexterous, and the sorcerer is oriented toward magic.


The monsters of Diablo are spawned from hell. As the player progresses, he passes through four discrete areas: the church, the catacombs, the caves, and hell. Each area contains monsters that are tougher and stronger than ones from previous areas. When the player kills a monster, the monster will randomly drop an item.


Items are dropped from monsters or sold by the vendors. Items are cursed, normal, magic, or unique. The unique items are typically stronger than their normal counterparts and may have special qualities.


The story of Diablo is based on the premise of a war between heaven and hell. The town of Tristram is under attack by demons, and the player must save the town. As the player delves into the underworld, he discovers more about the demon Diablo. Eventually, the player reaches the lair of Diablo and must kill him.

Online Play

Diablo can be played over the Internet via Because of the lack of cheat prevention, many characters online are hacked. In general, a fair game may be found by playing with legitimate characters. However, many games will require the use of a trainer unless you enjoy getting killed as soon as you step into the dungeon

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Expansion Packs

An expansion pack was made for Diablo I called Hellfire expansion pack by Sierra Entertainment.


A Diablo is also an Italian car made by Lamborghini.

A diabolo is a Chinese yoyo.