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Di Brandt

Di Brandt (born 1952) is an award-winning Canadian poet and literary critic.

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1 Biography
2 Her work
3 Selected publications
4 Awards


Di Brandt was born in Winkler, Manitoba, and raised in Reinland, a conservative, separatist Mennonite village in Southern Manitoba. She left home and moved to Winnipeg at the age of 17. She received a BA from the University of Manitoba, and went on to a Masters of Arts at the University of Toronto and a PhD in English literature at the University of Manitoba.

Her work

Brandt was the poetry editor for Prairie Fire for five years, among other publications. She has published several collections of poetry, for which she has won numerous awards, including the Gerald H. Lampert Memorial Award, for the best first book of poetry by a Canadian author. She has also published various works of literary criticism. She teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Winnipeg.

Selected publications