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Devet is a Puzzle game, invented by Jordan Tuzsuzov in 2002. The game has Software implementations as Computer puzzle game for various Computer platforms, Mobile phones and PDAs, as well as Board game variant.

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Game rules

The goal of the game, is to place as much as possible elements on the gaming board, which is a quad-grid 5x5 (the size may vary). Elements are 2, 3 and 4 sided squares in all variations - 11 types of elements.

The game starts with the maximal element (with four sides), already placed in the center of the board. Every next element, can be put on the field, only if at least one side of it, can touch a side of an existing one. No full mathing is required!

If the side(s) of just-placed element, touches the gamefield border, the set of the connected elements, scrolls in the opposite direction, or directions, if the element touches two borders. When this scrolling occurs, extra elements are erased from the element set.

The player can see the element, which must be placed now and the element, which comes next. Every successfully placed element is counted. The game ends, when the current element can't be matched nowhere on the board.

Game examples

Matching explanation :

Scrolling and element removal :

Game image

Version for a Mobile phone :

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