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Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen, a Northern California author, has published several books, including The Culture of Make Believe (2002), and many essays.

Jensen's work emphasizes the hate, dishonesty, and destructiveness in contemporary industrialized culture. He argues that this culture will soon collapse because of the damage being done to the planet.

Jensen proposes that a different way of life is possible, and perhaps historically more "normal" than "modern" life. This different way of life is characterized by honesty, appreciation of beauty, and connectedness with the natural world.

Politically Jensen's work is in favor of revolution - in values, the self, and society - often in line with the ideas of eco-anarchism and primitivism.

Oft-repeated themes in Jensen's work include discussion of his violent family, the role of lying in maintaining systematic oppression, "We're fucked" vs. "Life is good", the value of writing vs. the value of blowing up dams, and his thoughts while staring at his hands.

Related authors include Jack Forbes (Columbus and Other Cannibals), Dave Edwards, Daniel Quinn (Ishmael), and Stephen King (Running Man).

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