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Jirachi (#385) - Deoxys

Name (japanese), NumberDeoxys (Deokishisu), 386
Evolves from(none)
Evolves to(none)
Hit points50
Special attack²150
Special defense²50
SpeciesDNA Pokémon
Height5'7" (1.7 m)
Weight134 lb (60.8 kg)
Gender distributionGender Unknown
¹ Stats for trading card versions may vary.
² Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire

Deoxys is a Pokémon belonging to the Psychic type. It was introduced in the video games Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire for Game Boy Advance and occupies the last place in the National Pokédex (#386) and place #202 in the Hoenn Regional Pokédex.

Deoxys is a special Pokémon. Like Mew in Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Red and Pokémon Yellow or Celebi in Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Crystal, Deoxys is not obtainable during regular game play but can be transferred to the game cartridge during certain promotional events. Likewise, it is an arguably powerful Psychic Pokémon.

Deoxys' origin is also extraordinary. Deoxys' Pokédex entry and the upcoming Pokémon movie indicates that Deoxys is actually a virus that came to earth inside a meteor and mutated into a Pokémon when it was exposed to a laser beam.

The viral nature of Deoxys is reflected in many of its aspects. Deoxys' name is derived from deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA for short, the genetic material of most living organisms, including viruses. Viruses are naturally malevolent to the environment they live in and Deoxys is no exception. Rumours about the upcoming Pokémon movie suggest that Deoxys is the villain of the film, much like Mewtwo was in "Mewtwo Strikes Back". Finally, the incredibly high offensive statistics of Deoxys coupled with its weak defensive and health statistics mirror the fragility of a virus as well as its destructive potential once inside a host.

Deoxys looks a little like a clown in a red suit or a robot. Its right arm is elastic, while the other looks like two cords. Its brain is not situated in its "head" but rather in the crystal on its chest. From there, Deoxys can shoot laser beams.