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Denying the correlative

The logical fallacy of denying the correlative is the opposite of the false dilemma hypothesis. In this case an attempt is made to introduce a false alternative.


  1. Policeman: "Either you stole the money or you didn't, which is it?"
    Criminal Philosopher: "You're assuming that the money really exists."
    In the context of the question this is not a valid alternative.
  2. Parent: "I know that I didn't eat the sweet, so it must have been one of you two."
    Child: "Maybe the sweet ate itself."
  3. Cynic: "Everyone acts selfishly all the time."
    Priest: "What about Mother Theresa?"
    Cynic: "Well she wanted to be good, so she was doing what she wanted."
    This ignores the normal definition of selfishness and unselfishness.

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