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Dennis the Menace (US)

The United States version of Dennis the Menace is a cartoon strip (single panel on weekdays, full strip on Sundays) drawn by Hank Ketcham, which originally appeared as "The Pickle" and was later made into a TV cartoon as well as a live-action movie. Originally, Dennis (who would mostly likely be diagnosed these days with ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder) spent most of his time making life miserable for his parents. In recent years he has spent nearly all his time invading the serenity of the grumpy Mr. Wilson and being coddled by his engaging wife Martha. In tone, Dennis is most like an escapee from a 1930s movie.

On March 12, 1951 the Dennis the Menace comic strip appeared in newspapers across the country for the first time. Coincidentally another cartoon strip with exactly the same name was published in the United Kingdom at the same time.

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List of characters

Dennis, mom Alice, dad Henry, Ruff the dog, the Wilsons George and Martha, Grandpa, friends Joey and Margaret.

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