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Dennis Ritchie

Ken Thompson & Dennis Ritchie (right)

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie (b. September 9, 1941) is a US computer scientist notable for his influence on ALTRAN, B, BCPL, C, Multics, and UNIX.

Born in Bronxville, New York; Ritchie graduated from Harvard with degrees in physics and applied mathematics. In 1967, he began working at the Bell Labs' Computing Sciences Research Center; he is currently the head of Lucent Technologies' System Software Research Department. In 1983 he and Ken Thompson jointly received the Turing award "for their development of generic operating systems theory and specifically for the implementation of the UNIX operating system."

Dennis Ritchie is often referred to as "DMR" in various Usenet newsgroups (such as comp.lang.c); he is the "R" of the K&R.

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