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A demonstration is the public display of the common opinion of a activist group, often economically, political, or socially, by gathering in a crowd, usually at a symbolic place or date, associated with that opinion. The purpose of a demonstration is to show that a significant amount of people is for or against a certain issue, person, law, etc.

A demonstration is usually considered more successful the more people participate.

Some demonstrations and riots turn, at least partially, into violence against things (like cars and shops), bystanders and the police.

A military demonstration is the show of armed forces and their capabilities, often in maneuvers, to impress a potential enemy. It can be used either to provoke that enemy into opening an armed conflict, or to scare him away from one.

A demonstration is a way of teaching, for example, by performing a certain action, so others can see and learn it.

A demonstration is a conclusive proof.

For music or software demonstrations, see demo.\n