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Democratic Republic of Georgia

The Democratic Republic of Georgia (DRG, 1918-1921) was the first Republic of Georgia, established after the collapse of the Russian Tsarist empire. The Declaration of the State Independence of Georgia was adopted by the National Council of Georgia on May 26, 1918 (see the photo).

The Democratic Republic of Georgia was ruled by the Government (Chairman: Noe Zhordania, Chairman of the Social-Democratic (Menshevik) Party) and the National Parliament - "Dampudznebeli Kreba" (Chairman: Nikolay (Karlo) Chkheidze, one of leaders of the Social-Democratic Party). Was established multyparty system: among the members of the Government and the Parliament were also representatives of the National-Democratic Party (Chairman: Konstantine (Kote) Abkhazi), the Party of Social-Federalists (Chairman: Simon Mdivani) and other political organizations.

The state independence of the Democratic Republic of Georgia was de-jure recognized by: Romania, Argentina, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and other countries.

On February 25, 1921, Russia's Red Army reoccupied the country and Georgia became a Soviet republic. In March, 1921, the legal Parliament and Government of DRG forced to leave Georgia.