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Deicide literally means "God-killing" (Latin Deus, "God" + -cida, "killing") and usually refers to the execution of Jesus by crucifixion.

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Who is to blame?

The execution of Jesus can be thought of as caused by (singularly or in combination): 1) the Jews in general, 2) God, for the benefit of people in general, 3) the Roman soldiers in particular, 4) the Jewish leadership in particular, and 5) God, for the benefit of the Elect in particular.

The Jews in general

The Jews, as a people, have been alleged by Christians to have had a special responsibility for this crime and to have been cursed by God for it. (See Supersessionism)

Until the middle of the 20th century most Christian churches included references to deicide in their hymns and liturgy. Many still do. The following, for example, is a verse from a hymn used in Protestant churches to call upon God to convert the Jews to Christianity:

Though the Blood betrayed and spilt, 
On the race entailed a doom, 
Let its virtue cleanse the guilt, 
Melt the hardness, chase the gloom; 
Lift the veil from off their heart, 
Make them Israelites indeed, 
Meet once more for lot and part 
With Thy household's genuine seed.[1]

("Thou, the Christ Forever One", words by William Bright, from Supplemental Hymns to Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1889)

God, for the benefit of people in general

Other Christian theologians (among others) argue that God cannot be killed. Thus it would be inappropriate to apply charges of deicide to anyone. The following is a verse from the New Testament used in some Protestant churches to rebuke those in error:

"No one has taken [My life] away from
 Me, but I lay it down on My own
 initiative. I have authority to lay it
 down, and I have authority to take it
 up again. This commandment I received
 from My Father." (John 10:18)

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Deicide (band) is also the name of a death metal band from Florida.